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Content/Form Newspaper

Content/Form is the 13th edition of this research workshop, held between 29-31 January 2024 in Berlin.

The newspaper is produced during these days, printed later in the week and presented during the transmediale festival on Saturday 3rd February 2024.

This edition of the newspaper build further upon the work of last year's research workshop and newspaper Toward a Minor Tech, also made through a wiki-to-print environment.

This year's newspaper is produced on Servpub's wiki4print server and can be browsed and read there.

PDF of the newspaper that has been produced during the research workshop of this year. You can find a high res version here on this wiki, and a low res version on the wiki4print server that we used to make this newspaper all together.


A Peer-Reviewed Newspaper, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2024


ISSN (Print): 2245-7593

ISSN (PDF): 2245-7607

Authors, Editors, Contributors: Anya Shchetvina, Asker Bryld Staunæs, Batool Desouky, Bilyana Palankasova, Christian Ulrik Andersen, Denise Sumi, Duncan Paterson, Edoardo Biscossi, Emilie Sin Yi Choi, Esther Rizo Casado, Geoff Cox, George Simms, Katie Tindle, Kendal Beynon, Luca Cacini, Maja Bak Herrie, Manetta Berends, Mariana Marangoni, Marie Naja Lauritzen Dias, Mara Karagianni, Martyna Marciniak, Mateus Domingos, ooooo, Pablo Velasco, Pierre Depaz, Rachel Falconer, Rebecca Aston, Simon Browne, Søren Pold, Sunni Liao, Winnie Soon.

Infrastructure: ServPub, In-Grid, Systerserver

Design and infrastructure: Manetta Berends and Simon Browne, creative crowds (CC),

Tools: wiki4print (a version of wiki-to-print), which is build around MediaWiki, Paged.js and CSS for Paged Media

Printing: BV Berliner Zeitungsdruck GmbH. Printed in an edition of 2000 copies

Fonts: AmiAmie by Mirat Masson (Bye Bye Binary), Crozette by Thaïs Cuny (Bye Bye Binary), Homoneta by Quentin Lamouroux (Bye Bye Binary), Roberte by Eugénie Bidaut (Bye Bye Binary), Certegska by OSP (Open Source Publishing), Necto Mono by Marco Condello (Colllectttivo). All fonts used in this newspaper are published freely under the SIL Open Font License:, plus Crazy by myflix (license unknown)

Published by: Digital Aesthetics Research Centre, Aarhus University