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Edoardo Biscossi

Platform Pragmatics

Labour, speculation and self-reflexivity in technologically mediated content economies


The article proposes the framework of platform pragmatics as way to think about how the production and circulation of content and forms has become increasingly important within platform mediated economies. Drawing from contemporary media theory, it thematises digital mediation as an enmeshing of the technological with the social by which the production not only of content, but of culture and subjectivity, unfolds through a computational logic. The article then poses the question of the political and aesthetic configuration of content and forms within this milieu, characterised by a particular tension between calculation and affective contagion. This will be addressed by thinking through three themes: the subsumption of creativity and inventiveness, the mobilisation of speculative temporalities, and a generalised condition of self-reflection as a feminised cultural behaviour, ultimately pointing to platform pragmatics as a way of understanding our engagement with content and forms within the platform milieu as a mode of subjectivation.

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