Running wiki-to-print on the server

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Official disclaimer: Many things can happen, 502 errors fly around your ears, wiki-to-print is not a product :) as long as it keeps running we're happy.


If you're stuck, this may be of use.

Wiki-to-print as a service

Wiki-to-print is a Flask application that runs in the background as a service, using a systemd service file.

$ sudo service wiki2print status
$ sudo service wiki2print start
$ sudo service wiki2print stop
$ sudo service wiki2print restart


For debugging (on the server)

Stop the wiki2print service:

$ sudo service wiki2print stop

Then run wiki-to-print manually from the folder where it is installed. First go to this folder:

$ cd /var/www/wiki-to-print/wiki-to-print/

And then run the application:

$ make server

And if needed, you can add print statements in the python files to dive deeper into the code.

For debugging (through a local installation)

$ git clone ssh://
$ cd wiki-to-print/wiki-to-print/web-interface/
$ make setup
$ make local


MediaWiki comes with a maintenance script called RunJobs.php that writes changes to the database. The job queue is a built-in feature of MediaWiki that is made to increase the performance on large wikis.

On CC we use a script called in /var/www/html/wiki/ that is based on:

It runs the MediaWiki maintenance script RunJobs.php every 10 seconds.

It is installed on CC and runs in the background as a systemd service, called "jobrunner", which can be used with:

$ sudo service jobrunner status
$ sudo service jobrunner start
$ sudo service jobrunner stop
$ sudo service jobrunner reload
  • The service is configured at: /etc/systemd/system/jobrunner.service
  • This is an example of the service file:
Description=MediaWiki Job runner