Installing... creative crowd [Varia]
Installing... Toward a Minor Tech environment [CSNI, DARC, SHAPE]
Installing... wiki2print [Hackers & Designers, Constant/TITiPI, Volumetric Regimes, ...]
Installing... MediaWiki [1.39.0]
Installing... etherpad-lite [1.8.18]
Re-turning... wiki2print --> wiki-printing(?) [0.0.0]
Installing... octomode dual license [0.0.0]
Installing... octomode [capacity check-in system]
Publishing... wiki-to-print code [in continuation of many]
Renaming..... "creative crowd" to "creative crowds" [*]
Publishing...  c-c-c-conditions [creative crowds collective conditions]
Discussing... Wiki-to-print, Wiki2print, Wiki-to-pdf, and so on... with Hackers & Designers

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CC (creative crowds) is a server for publishing experiments that emerge around Varia to better understand how different ways of working are shaped by (and shape) different realities.

We think about CC as a pedagogical space in flux. It's a production environment (to produce collective publications), a (re)learning environment (to document, read, write and execute) and an explorative environment (to experiment with publishing workflows). We come from a background in design and we have made many PDFs and printed matter. From a desire to question our toolsets, training and ways of working, we felt that we needed a space to cross many types of (other) knowledges: serving, designing, publishing, tool-making, prototyping, software-studies, theory, and more.

Here are our CC-collective conditions for use + collective calendar.

Currently installed on CC: